The Craziest Cafes and Restaurants in London

The Craziest Cafes and Restaurants in London

The Craziest Cafes and Restaurants in London

Are you a fan of extraordinary impressions and a fearless explorer who is waiting for the opportunity to embark on a new adventure? Or maybe you just like to pamper yourself with delicious or unusual food? We suggest you try some completely unusual restaurants in London. Some of these places will surprise you with their strange interiors, while other places will make you laugh by the options of the menu. London is a wonderful and multifaceted city where you can find not only top-notch luxury restaurants, but also experience a real adventure just by eating lunch.


Ziferblat may seem like a simple cafe, but it really has something to surprise. All meals and drinks are free here. Unlike any usual cafe, here you will pay for the time you spent here, not for the food. Visitors are encouraged to talk, discuss, not close in small groups, and enjoy communicating with others. You will pay £3 for an hour spent here.

Where? 388 Old Street, Shoreditch, London.


This is a special restaurant. The Michelin-awarded restaurant and gallery not only offers the visitors to try some delicious, gourmet cuisine, but also forces them to encounter art at every step from illustrated walls to cutlery with creations of some artists. The cafe is re-decorated periodically, so you may not recognize this place at all after a month.

Where? 9 Conduit street, London.

Save the Date Cafe

This cafe is special for two things. First of all, every meal from meat carpaccio to grapefruit puffs, are made from products that stores wanted to throw away just before the date of expiration. However, do not worry because it is quality and delicious food. Second, you pay as much as you think the food is worth as there are no set prices. This should not be used as restaurant owners are working to reduce pollution and food wasting, so it is worth to support their eco-friendly idea.

Where? Hive Dalston 260-264 Kingsland Road, London.

Dans le Noir

There is complete darkness in the Dans le Noir restaurant. Any possible light source is prohibited here, including mobile phones, so you will enjoy food with all your senses except sight, and in such a situation, even using a knife and a fork becomes a small challenge. The waiters of this restaurant are directly grown up with the darkness as they all are blind, so they are not afraid of the darkness and are well oriented in it.

Where? 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, London.

Big Red Pizza Bus

What would you do if you got a big, abandoned double-decker bus in your hands? If you were the sculptor John Cierach, you would turn it into a special and unusual Italian food restaurant. Here you can enjoy quality Italian pizza and locally sourced pasta, while the nearby theater bus occasionally hosts an open-air show. Good food and good emotions that might be all you need to make your day good!


Where? 30 Deptford Church Street, London.

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