The Best Seafood Restaurants in London

The Best Seafood Restaurants in London

London has a long tradition with seafood, for centuries oysters, cockles, whelks, shrimps and other delicacies have been enjoyed in London and many parts of the UK. With nowhere inland being too far from the sea the towns and cities of the UK have enjoyed seafood dating back hundreds of years.

London is no exception, and in the 1600’s the common people were enjoying fresh oysters and potted shrimps that were elsewhere considered expensive luxury items. With this background it is hardly surprising that today London has a plethora of fine seafood restaurants, serving freshly caught produce. These are some of the best seafood restaurants currently in London. 

Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill

If you were dining at the Savoy Hotel in the Strand you probably would expect two things, great food and high prices. However, for such luxury surroundings Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill is not to OTT regarding cost.

As for the service and the quality of the food you get exactly what you would expect, the seafood and fish are sublime. The smoked fish selection is particularly excellent, and a dozen oysters will only set you back thirty-five pounds (the same as many London gastro-pubs). Dining at Kaspar’s is a special occasion and worth every penny.

J Sheekey

Our next dining experience is in the heart of the West End of London and has been around since the founder Josef Sheekey was allowed to sell seafood in 1896. He was given permission to open this fabulous old restaurant in St Martin’s Court by Lord Salisbury, with the provisio that they supplied dinner for the lord and his cronies. The signature dish of Skeekey’s is a rich and creamy fish pie, but many theatre goers opt for the delicious and juicy oysters that are prepared as they have always been for decades.

Westerns Laundry

Moving to Drayton Park in North London is one of the Capital’s newest seafood restaurants called Westerns Laundry. It might not look as posh as the other restaurants we have visited but do not the surrounding fool you, as the food is sublime.

The menu changes daily at Westerns and is presented to the diner scrawled out on plain notepaper, which they post daily on social internet. Some of the chef’s popular creations include cuttlefish served with ham croquettes, squid accompanied with a lemon sausage, and baked lobster sitting on a bed of fideo pasta.

Bonnie Gull

If you prefer your seafood served in inventive ways, then Bonnie Gull is the very place for you. The restaurant is situated in Bateman Street in the heart of Soho, London and has been bringing its own brand of cuisine to the capital since 2012. Bonnie Gull has a simple approach to serving seafood and is basically no more than a seafood shack that offers excellent quality produce. The restaurant does not take bookings and can only handle just over twenty covers. But you can always just sit at the bar and enjoy some exquisite Porthilly oysters, or perhaps some crab with sourdough bread, the choice is up to you.

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