The Best London Food Markets

The Best London Food Markets

The reinvention of street food a couple of decades ago, brought a new freedom to thousands of foodie entrepreneurs not just to flip burgers but to offer every kind of cuisine under the sun. Many food trucks and street vendors are producing nothing less than gastronomic heaven to their delighted punters. Nowhere is this more apparent than in multi-cultural London where the range of ingredients that can be locally sourced is simply amazing. Many food sellers gather at local markets, which after all is a perfect place to find the freshest vegetables, fruit, and a wide selection of fish and meat.

Bang Bang Oriental

If you like Asian food then you must visit this huge food hall, the largest of its kind in Europe. The gargantuan covered hall has seating for up to four hundred and fifty people at one time. And there are twenty-seven food kiosks selling every kind of Asian influenced dishes that you can imagine. Also situated at the same venue you can find the very swanky Golden Dragon restaurant, as well as numerous Chinese beauty parlors and a dance studio!

Berwick Street Market

We head to Soho for our next market, and Berwick Street Market is a bohemian and lively street market with vendors selling fruit, fabrics, and flowers. Mixed in between these trades are all manner of food outlets selling items such as tasty wraps, Greek souvlaki, traditional sandwiches and a host of cakes and deserts. It is very much a grab-and-go place as there is no seating, but what is wrong with wandering along looking at the wares while you munch on a falafel wrap

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of London’s best loved institutions. This market dates back right to the 13th Century which not only makes it London’s oldest market it is also the most historic. Whatever you do, don’t eat before visiting this market because there is so much to sample you just have to have an empty stomach.

Wander the stalls displaying their wares, selling everything from freshly baked bread, cured meats, olives, cheese, and all manner of pastries. It really is a foodie’s delight and not only can great British produce be found but there are items from all over the world. From Ethiopian stews, to Tuscan spit roasts and everything in between, the variety of cuisines on offer is staggering. Be prepared to wrestle through the crowds as not only is it London’s oldest market, it is also the most popular.

Granville Arcade

Brixton Village was formerly known as the Granville Arcade and it is a ground-braking culinary destination. Foodies from all over London head down to see what is being served up each day. Most of the dishes are smart pieces of gastronomy that differ from the norm in respect to market food. For instance, where else would you find  Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes, Colombian stews, and top BBQ all at the same place? These great food haunts are just some of the places that you can eat great food in London’s plentiful markets. The best way to explore them is to go with an open mind and an empty stomach!

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