Polish Cuisine in London

Polish Cuisine in London

In June 2015 the British public voted to pull the United Kingdom out of Europe Community. The country had joined the Common Market in the 1970s, but recent years had seen increasing tension between the general public and the numbers of people who were migrating to the country from Eastern Europe.

The reason there has been so many people coming into the United Kingdom is that they are able to take jobs that the other workers do not wish to fill. Every migrant coming from Eastern Europe is tarnished with the same brush and people who object to their presence have little knowledge of the polish presence in London over the years.

The Polish atmosphere of “Patio” in Shepherds Bush

There have been many Polish resident both in the capital city and the rest of the country for a long period of time. Like all nationalities, they tend to cluster in certain areas and in London’s case, Ealing was the destination that most Poles headed for. In fact after the Second World War, the Polish Government operated from Eaton Place in London for 50 years until communism fell.

One of the most famous polish restaurants in the capital is “Patio” which is found in Shepherds Bush. The menu is dominated by hearty, typically Polish dishes such as bigos and pierogi. Stews and dumplings are popular in Poland and in many Polish restaurants they can be found on the menu.

Baltic Restaurant is found in Blackfriars in the heart of London and is famous for its selection of cocktails, many of which contain vodka. The menu contains typical polish dishes with the blimis being the house specialty. The location means that many customers combine a theatre visit with eating at the restaurant.

The Posk Restaurant has a separate first floor where as well as serving traditional Polish dishes there is authentic music and dancing. The area is often hired out for weddings and other celebrations that want to follow the polish theme. The whole restaurant is in a rather unattractive concrete building yet the friendly staff boisterous atmosphere and thick meat dishes make this a popular venue.

“Mamuska” popular for students

The “Mamuska Restaurant” in the Elephant and Castle region of London serves a wide variety of eastern European dishes. A lot of its clientele are students from the near-by Westminster and South Bank Universities and the food reflects a hearty nature and provides good value to the students.

Stroganoffs, thick stews and mashed potato dishes combine to produce cuisine that fills people stomachs and the customers do not need to spend great amounts of money to enjoy the experience. The popularity of the restaurant sees people fighting for places and the weekend and more than 20 different Polish beers makes also a popular venue to enjoy a drink.

The other way to enjoy Polish cuisine is to visit one of the many delicatessens that are located around London. The Prima is particularly popular as its produce includes Polish bread, cakes and meats. Many people of Polish descent choose to shop in these stores as it gives them a real taste of home.

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