Eating Thai food in London

Eating Thai food in London

Recent history has seen an emergence of Thai restaurants in the capital city. One of the major reasons for this is Thailand’s increasing popularity as a tourist destination. People from all around the world visit this far eastern country and one of their favorite memories is of the food they eat when they visit.

Also London is now the home to large numbers of resident Thais. This is due to the emergence of the country as a flourishing economic nation. This means that many of the country’s multi-national industries have offices in London and these are staffed by Thai people who crave the cooking of their home country.

The Begging Bowl

The demand for Thai food from Thais, Londoners and even other tourists is great and this has resulted in a great number of different Thai restaurants that have opened in the capital. Thai restaurants can very greater from the price that customers will pay, to the food that customers are served as in Thailand there are differences with regional cooking.

A good example of this is the “101 Thai Kitchen” which is located in Hammersmith and specializes in dishes from the region of Isaan which is found in the North East of the country. The restaurant combines serving dishes satisfying the most experienced Thai palate, such as Papaya salad, to also catering to western customers with its creamy curries and fresh fruits.

The Begging Bowl in Peckham offers the opportunity for its diners to sample a wide range of Thai dishes serving the food “tapas style”. A lot of Thailand’s favorite food is found served at small food stalls that are located street-side. By following this method, it is the perfect way for the customers to taste many different dishes on a single visit.

The modern “open type” style of the Kilne

A totally different way for diners to experience Thai cuisine is found at the Champor Champor Restaurant found close to London Bridge. The food that is served reflects the cooking of the southern region and even includes certain dishes from Malaysia.

In fact the mixing of the food in The Champor Champor is renowned as many of the dishes have been adapted to Londoners tastes. Items on the menu, such as roasted monkfish with spinach and ricotta ravioli and curried mango puree, are delicious, but rarely seen on menus back in the Land of Smiles.

The “Som Saa Restaurant” in Spitafields is renowned for the spiciness of its dishes. Representing food from the north east, the dishes are prepared immaculately and despite it being slightly more expensive that the other Thai Restaurants, it is popular with tables needing to be booked well ahead of time.

The “Kiln Restaurant” in Soho offers the customers the experience of seeing their food cooked in front of them as the open kitchen makes this easily possible. The dishes are mainly cooked on charcoals and also over grills, and the menu also includes the different flavored iced teas that are found all over Thailand.

Eating in Thailand is a great experience due to the many different cuisines that are encountered in the country. London is lucky that many of these different styles are found in restaurants around the city.

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