Catering for London’s entertainment industry

Catering for London’s entertainment industry

Catering for London’s entertainment industry

The entertainment industry in the Capital City of the United Kingdom is massive. Accompanied with the events these entertainments provide, there are millions of spectators each year that need catering for. Over the years catering has evolved from people being fed basic foods, to the modern format where if the diners are able to afford the price they will be treated to the highest quality cuisine.

The money that is being made from the catering side of the events is taking as much revenue as what is being earned from those people coming through the box offices and the turn-styles. All types of different entertainment industries have realized the vast potential of the catering and have spent much time in upgrading the catering available to spectators.

An attendant at work in the cinema

An attendant at work in the cinemaThe most basic form of catering has always been on offer at London’s cinemas. Cinema attendants for years have walked around the theatre with trays offering snacks to people who wanted them. Nowadays certain cinema groups have completely redefined this concept.

Everyman Cinema which has several venues across London offering a luxury experience to its audiences. Comfortable sofas are provide and while people watch their chosen film they are given waiter service that brings a hot meal. They are also given wine coolers so that their favorite tipple will be served at the right temperature.

London’s West end is the home to London’s theatre Land. As well as being home to some of the world’s most famous theatres it has attracted some of the country’s finest restaurants. Most people view a night out going to the theatre as being a luxury. To accompany their evening, it has been seen as natural, to finish the evening off by adding to the experience with having a high quality meal.

A luxury box at the Emirates Stadium

A luxury box at the Emirates StadiumThere are many newly built sporting stadiums in the capital and they have been designed to cater for spectators who are looking for an overall experience that will include a high quality meal. The Emirates, stadium, the home of Arsenal FC, as well as having the most expensive season tickets in the Premier League, also offers al a’ carte menus for those willing to pay up to one thousand UK pounds a game to buy a ticket in a luxury box.

It is not just the spectators who are catered for at London’s stadiums but the players and performers themselves. Lords is the most famous cricket ground in the world and as well as offering international cricket it also offers world class cuisine.

In their kitchens the chefs are led by Tim Harrington who had previously worked at the Royal Opera House. The quality of the menu has actually caused some problems for the ground’s home team, Middlesex County Cricket Club, as some players have been known to gain wait and lose fitness during the playing season.

The Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome CasinoLondon is home to many casinos. In their attempts to draw people into their casino different companies have been improving the menus that are on offer in their venues. The Hippodrome Casino is London’s biggest and best visited casino.

As well as offering gaming on 3 floors of its spectacular premises, it also has fantastic dining facilities with the Heliot Steak House which has been judged, by many, as the best steakhouse in London. To complete the gamblers experience the Hippodrome offers an on line gambling experience and competes with other companies such as Pokerstarscasino offering the opportunity to customer to gamble without leaving the comfort of their own home.

There are many special outside caters that operate within the capital specializing in catering for one off events. Boulevards Events are one such company that offers high class catering and can accommodate up to any numbers of people. They are particularly successful catering for weddings and corporate events with the company being able to offer a variety of venues to host them.

Barbeque being prepared at Notting Hill

Barbeque being prepared at Notting HillLondon offers many international events that attracts hundreds of thousands of people. The annual running of the Notting Hill Carnival has been running since 1966. The two day festival attracts over a million visitors onto the streets of Notting Hill, and there are huge numbers of stalls selling food to the party goers.

There is a healthy mix of both large professional caterers and smaller, “cottage type”, individual enterprises. The scale and variety of the food being offered is massive and the huge operation seems to successfully come together to feed everyone.

The same catering experience is seen on the day of the London Marathon which is held every April. The catering for the day combines being aimed at the 70,000 runners, and the hundreds of thousands of spectators that line the streets supporting the event.

Many different catering companies work on this day and the range of food differs from recipes designed to help exhausted athletes recover, to just rich and tasty food that will help fans enjoy their day out. The catering for events surrounding London’s different entertainments is a massive industry.

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